Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update to Self Inking Stamps

I have just added the following options for the Self-Inking Stamp designs:
  • Now available - Plate Only option for the round self-inking stamper! Now you can purchase additional designs for your stamper at only $10 per design! The plates come with a sticky backing that can be reused over & over again. If the sticky loses its adhering capabilities, a simple double-sided tape can be used instead.

    Some ideas of "other" design options would be one for holidays, a birthday design, a birth announcement, or whatever you can think of!

    PLEASE NOTE! This option is for existing customers only - if you have not purchased a self inking stamper from us, please do not choose this option. We cannot guarantee & will not stand behind this option if you purchased another brand stamping mechanism. We only guarantee & recommend this for our brand.

All stamper designs are now offered as a desktop embosser for $45 each. Choose this option only if you are looking for an embossed impression on your paper or envelopes.

I am working on adding envelope embossers with straight-line text as well for those of you looking for a simple, classy return address impression. These look great on the back flaps of all your outgoing mail :)

Thanks for your continued support & I hope this adds a little (more) fun to your mailings!