Friday, July 30, 2010

Am I nuts?

Okay since Emma Kate’s surgery was a HUGE success… I now have time to stay open a little longer before the kids head back to school!!!  So… if you are in the New Orleans area & want to come see the goodies up front & personal, you can do so at the Helen Brett show (a.k.a. “The Jewelry Show”) this Saturday, July 31st through Tuesday, August 3rd!  I am in booth 355 & will have Melissa & Doug toys for cash & carry as well as personalized goods for order taking only!  I will not be personalizing on site due to last minute preparations… Show hours are 10am till 6pm Sat, Sun & Mon & Tues 10am till 3pm.

mayfair 015[5]

I will have all of the new stuff there on display if you need to come get a peek!

mayfair 016[5]

See you there!!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Just a quick reminder!


Only a couple more days till I will be closed for a couple of weeks. Get those orders in ASAP so I can get them out to you! I will still be taking orders… BUT nothing will ship until the break.

Thanks for your business!! Happy Late Summer!!!!


Are you a Kelly’s Kids Rep?

If so, I just created this image using the pictures from Kelly’s Kids website to create this email invite.  You can save this image to your hard drive and send it off to your hostesses!  They can then fwd the image to their guests in addition to or to replace the postcard invites. 

If you rep for a different company, I can create an email invite for your hostesses as well!  Email me for details!  cs @




Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun waterproof labeled water bottles!

A little team fun for you tonight!  i did these for my high school alma mater's volleyball team for their upcoming LSU team camp :)  i think these are some lucky girls! 


these are a less-expensive alternative to the white original printed bottles on the site.  they're 25 ounces and have a waterproof label on them.  Handwash only!  $12 each including the bow :)  I do offer a team discount so please email with inquiries!  Right now I have red (12), green (12) and silver (11) left.  may stock more depending on response.. going to put them up on the site in a few! 




Friday, July 16, 2010

Binders, Boxes, Bow Holders and Bag Tags :)

Lots and lots of ‘em, too!  Here’s a few horrible shots of all of them… enjoy!

Leia Binder


Kate Binder


Grace Bow Holder


Maddie Grayce lunchbox


More pics are on my iphone (including bag tags).. but having trouble getting them over to my computer.  These pics are horrible!  So sorry… need to learn how to shoot better pics!  They don’t do these products any justice whatsoever! 

nite nite!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots done this morning…

Which leads to this post!  I have a few very exciting new things to share with you today… Firstly, the website has been updated to reflect the same design as the new blog design


Secondly, I added the Mini Me Tabletop collection… I have been trying to add the Mini Me selections to more products but I’ve been a bit slow with it… sorry!


and Lastly (and most exciting!) I have made the site a little more “iPhone-friendly”.  Meaning, when you view the site on your iPhone, it will already be zoomed to where you can actually see the text.  It’s not perfect – I would have to host an entirely new site to get it to be totally iPhone compatible but consider it just a little “tweak” to what you were getting before.  This is what you’ll see when viewing in regular vertical format


It looks even better when viewed in the landscape position.


and the really neat part is, you can save the site as an icon on your iPhone home screen!  It’s so easy to do… See that little + (plus) sign in the image above?  Click that & this is what you will see…


Click “Add to Home Screen” & you will see this next:


You can type in whatever you want in the box but the default is “welcome to…”

Then you go to your home screen & see this!


Neat, huh?!  BTW, you can do this w/any website out there… this was new to me today!  Oh & I have no clue what half of these aps are… my kids go to town on this phone!!

So, there you have it… new stuff for today!

On another note I will be taking a brief pause in business coming up & wanted to let you all know ahead of time.  I will be closed from July 28th – August 13th in preparation for Emma Kate’s 2nd heart procedure as well as the start of school. 


I know it’s kind of a long break (2 1/2 weeks!) but I need this time to be there for her, to help get the kiddos ready for school AND get the fall/holiday designs & selections up & running!!  This is a good thing… LOTS of new stuff & designs are in the wings… can’t WAIT to share!!!!

There’s a chance – if I can cross off all my “to-do’s” which are infinitely long – I will reopen before the 13th.  I will still enable the shopping cart but orders will be delayed in shipping out until after the 13th.  If you need something during that time, please do email me… this iPhone has not allowed me to break away from work at all… So… that’s that!

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer!



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy workshop

I have always wanted to post pictures of every item that leaves my office… I just absolutely stink at taking pics!  I am too hurried to get everything out of the door and to the post office, I never have time to snap pics.  I have often saved images of the files I am working on but if I tried to save a pic of every single cup insert or cup that went out of here, my computer would surely blow up!  So, I am going to attempt to start blogging again showing you pics of what stuff looks like around here before it leaves.  Proving that I actually DO work :)  Most of what I will post will be new designs… not so much every pen that I do (geesh) or every cup, etc…

Emma Grace Bow Holder

Abby Binder


Various pens…

CALmPg CALangie

CALkristin CALleah

Brook party tags

Drew Bowl


Jeffrey Binder


Elizabeth Binder


Gabby Binder





There are many more pics to come.. just gotta get them in a few at a time!



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Did it myself, blog makeover

My blog got a makeover today... what do you think? My blogging editing skills were not up to date until now! I think I will take a step away from the computer.. cross-eyed! Debating changing the site to reflect this look... too much pink & green? Not sure about it. Feedback/critique appreciated!!


Plate sample sale!

I have been meaning to do this for over a year now and am finally getting to it. Call it procrastination, but I am finally to it!

These plates are otherwise in perfect condition. I might have ordered them in excess for show samples, etc. or they may be a tad off-centered due to the moulding process… small imperfections like small black creases or spots on the dishes could appear but aren’t very noticeable. Here’s the list of plates that will be on the site until they are gone! Pass the word to your friends in case they have a child or someone to gift to with these names.

Please be sure to click on the image to purchase… when it sells, it will disappear from the website. Don’t rely on this blog to determine if it’s still in stock.

They will come wrapped in the usual packaging as well… get these for a steal! Prices listed are plus shipping!!

“Molly Grace” (slightly off-centered) $10


“Happy Birthday Mia” (slight imperfection between “i” and “r” in Birthday) $8


“Lake” (perfect condition) $12


“Charlotte 3” (perfect condition) $12


“Emma Grace” (perfect condition) $12


“Kali” (perfect condition) $12


“Logan” (perfect condition) $12


“Kaiden” (bowl, perfect condition) $10


“Carter” (bowl, perfect condition) $10


“Avery” (perfect condition) $12


“Carson Rose Princess” (perfect condition) $12


“Beckett” (perfect condition) $12


“Brock” (perfect condition) $12


“Carter” (perfect condition) $12


“Carson Rose Frog” (perfect condition) $12


“Ashley” (perfect condition) $12


“Harry” (perfect condition) $12


That’s all for now… in the coming weeks (time permitting) I will be cleaning out my samples to freshen up the mix. When I come across some things I will post them here & on the site under the “SAMPLE SALE” category. Look for new stuff soon!!