Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots done this morning…

Which leads to this post!  I have a few very exciting new things to share with you today… Firstly, the website has been updated to reflect the same design as the new blog design


Secondly, I added the Mini Me Tabletop collection… I have been trying to add the Mini Me selections to more products but I’ve been a bit slow with it… sorry!


and Lastly (and most exciting!) I have made the site a little more “iPhone-friendly”.  Meaning, when you view the site on your iPhone, it will already be zoomed to where you can actually see the text.  It’s not perfect – I would have to host an entirely new site to get it to be totally iPhone compatible but consider it just a little “tweak” to what you were getting before.  This is what you’ll see when viewing in regular vertical format


It looks even better when viewed in the landscape position.


and the really neat part is, you can save the site as an icon on your iPhone home screen!  It’s so easy to do… See that little + (plus) sign in the image above?  Click that & this is what you will see…


Click “Add to Home Screen” & you will see this next:


You can type in whatever you want in the box but the default is “welcome to…”

Then you go to your home screen & see this!


Neat, huh?!  BTW, you can do this w/any website out there… this was new to me today!  Oh & I have no clue what half of these aps are… my kids go to town on this phone!!

So, there you have it… new stuff for today!

On another note I will be taking a brief pause in business coming up & wanted to let you all know ahead of time.  I will be closed from July 28th – August 13th in preparation for Emma Kate’s 2nd heart procedure as well as the start of school. 


I know it’s kind of a long break (2 1/2 weeks!) but I need this time to be there for her, to help get the kiddos ready for school AND get the fall/holiday designs & selections up & running!!  This is a good thing… LOTS of new stuff & designs are in the wings… can’t WAIT to share!!!!

There’s a chance – if I can cross off all my “to-do’s” which are infinitely long – I will reopen before the 13th.  I will still enable the shopping cart but orders will be delayed in shipping out until after the 13th.  If you need something during that time, please do email me… this iPhone has not allowed me to break away from work at all… So… that’s that!

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer!