Saturday, September 8, 2007

Something for me to enjoy... YAY!

The Java Mama tm
The Kid Kup

Hi there! I hope you all are having a fun-filled college-football weekend! We just got back from the TU/MSU game at the Superdome. It was a great first half & then it went all down hill from there. I had my neice & nephew tonight so we were all at the game ... I got a taste of what it would be like to have 5 kids... yeah, not an option!!!!! LOL!

I wanted to introduce the Java Mama & Kid Kup mugs as soon as I had my hands on them b/c I absolutely love them! However I've had a couple of b-day's in my family (the two boys) & I have been busy getting all of that fun stuff out of the way :)
I am so pleased with the quality of this cup. It is so sturdy & heavy duty that I am sure you'll agree it's a keeper. I hope you like them & I hope you find that they will be useful for yourselves (afterall we moms all need a little happy every once in a while) & your older kids. My two older ones use theirs at almost every meal! For now you can choose designs from the sippy cup insert section & indicate your choice in the order detail. I will be adding new designs for the "older" versions so please have patience!

So, when you place your order for the Java Mama & Kid Kup, please understand that they both come with an insert included in the price. If you want additional insert designs, add whichever inserts you want to your cart.