Monday, September 14, 2009

An injury in pictures…

Day one in hospital – getting admitted for IV antibiotics
Tuesday, September 1st

see the red line coming from the injury?  Infection… :(

Pooped out

Day two – feeling better! To cut or not to cut…

At the hospital visiting sweet little Evan!!  :)

No cutting… let the body reject the foreign body – wait, wait, wait…

Thursday, September 10 - Follow up visit to Pediatrician – sent to surgeon to remove the foreign body since the foot is hurting him so badly he can’t even walk – surgery scheduled for Friday, 1 pm

Friday, 10 am

IT’S OUT!  & look at the size of the thing!!!  Thank goodness I was able to get the “tree” out of his foot w/out needing surgery or general anesthesia.. YAY!!

And this concludes, “An injury in pictures.”  BTW – this was what was LEFT of what went into his foot.  Daddy removed a piece of wood that was three times this size!!!

Thanks for your patience during this trying time for my little man.  I am happy to report he’s back in school wetting his pants & pooping all the way to the bathroom – waiting for me to get the, “Mrs. Burg, Evan needs to be changed” message.  OH what joy!