Monday, November 30, 2009

Where did October go?

I swear I feel like it should still be October… time is flying WAY too fast & I am left with my head spinning!  A good thing for sure!!

Cyber Monday STARTS NOW at Laurie’s Lagniappe!  EVERYTHING in the store is 20% off MONDAY & TUESDAY ONLY!!  Enter cybermon09 for 20% off your entire order!  Enjoy & HURRY since I am not guaranteeing Christmas delivery after Friday the 4th.  The coupon code is only good once per customer so please shop wisely & swiftly :) 

Also, in honor of our NEW ORLEANS SAINTS I have a limited edition ornament for sale on the site


They are selling for $12 each but if you take advantage of the 20% off sale, you can grab these babies for just under 10 bucks!

Happy late Thanksgiving, Happy Cyber Monday &



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Junior League of New Orleans

It’s that time of year again!  Sorry for the delay in posting this … if you have purchased a JLNO Holiday Shopping Card, please email me for your discount code!


Welcome Junior League of New Orleans Shoppers! 
If you are a JLNO Shopping Card shopper, please email me to verify the 4 digit code from your card and to receive your shopping code for your discount!
Need to purchase a card?  Click the logo below to learn where you can purchase.
HURRY!  Offer ends November 15th at midnight!

Thursday, October 29, 2009



  • Cutting board orders have been shipped as of Wednesday, October 27th
  • Placemat orders will be shipped no later than Friday October 30th
  • Stamp orders are in production & will ship ASAP
  • Plate, cup and bowl sets, plates, bowls and tray orders will ship no later than Friday, October 30th

Thanks for your patience! I came home to 50 orders from the website... doing my best to go as fast as I can!!  Thanks for keeping me stir crazy over here :) :)



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something for everyone

So I’ve been told to reduce the number of choices & I’ve also been told not to change a thing… this is what makes me laugh about teetering over this “issue” in my business.  This client rushed this order over to me to bring to a dinner party tonight – I think these ladies will be tickled pink to get their pens tonight.  Can you just look at the patterns & how they match each of the names on them?  Too cute… have fun Mary Lynn!  Hope your girls love ‘em :)

BTW – completely swamped this week… show aftermath is in full swing & then some!  Thanks for the orders!!  I will be in the weeds most of the week so please, please bear with me!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall shows

Just a quick reminder about the fall shows I will be participating in – beginning this week, I will be starting up the holiday show schedule.  Please expect delays in production & customer service.  Please check the blog for the latest updates.


Monday, October 5, 2009

New site feature – My Account, Save Cart, etc

So, there are a few new little clickies on the top of the webpage – still fooling around w/how they look so please pardon their “ugliness.”  I promise their function will make up for said aesthetically challenged state.  Just gonna give you the short & sweet to save you time & my ability to explain tech-y things.

My Account 
Here you will be able to:

  • view & edit your profile (name, address, etc.)
  • view order history & order details
  • save your cart (YEEESSSS!!) you have NO idea how many “timed out, what do i do, ‘oh @*()#@” emails I have gotten about this issue… whew!  thank goodness for this feature :)

Order Status
Here you will be able to:

  • check the status of your order & track it – NO order details, profile info, etc will be here – ONLY order status (whether it has shipped or not or when to expect the order to ship)

My Wishlist
Here you will be able to:

  • create a wish list of items that are in the store – this list will be saved in THIS section (not “My Account”) for future reference.  This is particularly used during an online party for the hostess.

Well, there you have it.  I hope these newly added features will help during the upcoming holiday season!  Also, so you know, order status updates are entered once daily from the time you place your order.  The data is entered as a default 10 BUSINESS day turnaround deadline.  Most of the time orders ship out before this date.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Giveaway going on through the 19th!

Check out this neat little write up… I think Deborah nailed this one!  Enter to win a $30 gift certificate …


Friday, October 2, 2009

20% off coupon code ending tonight at midnight!

Hurry & take advantage of 20% off!  This coupon code makes these prices unbeatable!!

20% off prices:

Plates & Bowls: $17.60 each
Placemats:  $12 each
Stamps:  $26.40 each
Lunchboxes:  $20 each

You get the idea!  Enter OOPSFBPICS for 20% off your entire order at checkout :)  Hurry!!  Ends tonight at midnight!!!

Happy Friday!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

I need your pics!

Are you a fan on my facebook page?  If so  & you’d like to have your pics featured in the product pics page, please visit & upload your pics to the album.  A special prize will be drawn on Sunday for a special random someone!!


10 very… long… years… ago…

Today… LOL!

12 if you count the (before) years.  Take 10% off today only using code TEN at checkout. 


Monday, September 14, 2009

An injury in pictures…

Day one in hospital – getting admitted for IV antibiotics
Tuesday, September 1st

see the red line coming from the injury?  Infection… :(

Pooped out

Day two – feeling better! To cut or not to cut…

At the hospital visiting sweet little Evan!!  :)

No cutting… let the body reject the foreign body – wait, wait, wait…

Thursday, September 10 - Follow up visit to Pediatrician – sent to surgeon to remove the foreign body since the foot is hurting him so badly he can’t even walk – surgery scheduled for Friday, 1 pm

Friday, 10 am

IT’S OUT!  & look at the size of the thing!!!  Thank goodness I was able to get the “tree” out of his foot w/out needing surgery or general anesthesia.. YAY!!

And this concludes, “An injury in pictures.”  BTW – this was what was LEFT of what went into his foot.  Daddy removed a piece of wood that was three times this size!!!

Thanks for your patience during this trying time for my little man.  I am happy to report he’s back in school wetting his pants & pooping all the way to the bathroom – waiting for me to get the, “Mrs. Burg, Evan needs to be changed” message.  OH what joy!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Expect delays

Please expect delays in production over the next couple of weeks.  My youngest will be having surgery tomorrow so I will be taking off a few days to help him. Also, I am still playing catch up from his last hospital stay so please bear with me!  Right now I am caught up through August 28th.  Anything placed after that date will be delayed slightly.  I apologize for the inconvenience!  Please email me if you have already placed an order & feel this setback will affect your due date for a certain item.

Thanks for your patience!!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gift Cards added

Just added – Laurie’s Lagniappe Gift Cards.  Sold in $10 increments, Gift Cards will be mailed to either you or the recipient.  Gift Message optional.

Check them out here!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Game Day Goods

New category adding now to the site…

In honor of Day 1 of College Football (SEC, that is!) Game Day Goods is now being uploaded to the site!

I am taking custom orders for special colors so please enter that info when you place your order. 

I wanted to get these newbies uploaded quickly since I am SOOO behind in getting the holiday stuff designed & loaded, plus I am backed up from Evan’s hospital stay.  I promise I am working on holiday stuff as well!!


Punch list

So this Labor Day weekend I am working on a punch list of sorts – things that have been lingering around this office.  One thing on that list is to sort through show orders to get a mailing list together.

I have Emma Kate pulling show orders that have wanted to be added to said list since I started doing shows back in October of 2007.  That lead me to looking at the order numbers on the forms – dear, Lord!  In less than 2 years, I have designed & processed over 7500 orders!  I could not believe my eyes when I punched the numbers into the calculator.

Let’s hope this little business continues to prosper :)  Thanks again for all your support & loyalty.  The holiday season will be here SOON so please keep checking this blog to see updates on production, etc. 

Don’t forget about the Labor Day Monogrammed Stamp promo!


Stamper promotion through September 30th

Happy Labor Day weekend!

From today through September 30th, take advantage of a great price on our Monogrammed Stamps!  Get the holiday shopping list out & knock out some of those hard-to-shop-for people with this great promotion. 

$50 for 2 stampers!  Normal price is $33 each – that’s over $15 savings!

This price is honored at checkout – no coupon code to enter.  Select the “(2) Stampers” in the dropdown menu to get the discount.  You may order more than one design – just enter the info in the fields provided for the 1st stamper & then in the “Special Instruction’s” section, please enter the Design Name of the stamper of choice plus the personalization information (same as the fields provided).

And don’t forget extra ink!  We offer 9 different colors in addition to the black that comes loaded in the unit.  At $7.50 each, these are also a steal!  You can add those right in your cart on the same screen as the stamper order.

Thanks & have a GREAT weekend!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

ev in the hospital

I wanted to make a quick post about production time right now. I am in the hospital w kid 3. He's got a piece of wood stuck in his foot and is in IV antibiotics and has been since tuesday night. We hope to be going home soon but please expect delays in turnaround time until we get back and settled. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it! Thanks and I will post as soon as we are back to normal.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pocket Purse Calendars… on their way!

Just wanted to give a quick update – the 2010-2011 pocket purse calendars are on their way.  They are ON SALE through September 4th for only $12!  After that, they will return to normal selling price of $15. 

A pen & calendar set will be $18.50 through September 4th as well.  GET THEM NOW for Christmas teacher gifts, housekeepers, nurses, babysitters and for yourself!  I use mine every single day – it is always getting filled w/things to do for our family.



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why, yes maam, I certainly would!

Check it…  Emma Kate’s birthday was this past April & I contacted Bakerella to find out if she knew if white chocolate actually had coco in it since EKB can’t have caffeine due to her heart condition…

I snapped a quick pic of her on the way to school & sent it in to Bakerella to show her how happy her creativity made my girl.  Well, she thanked me for sending the pic & then tonight… I got this sweet note.

Hi Laurie
I'm thinking about showcasing some cake pops from readers on my site.
Would you like to have this photo included?
If so, can you give me your location (state) and a little background
info on the photo?
Let me know what you think.

How sweet :)  I hope she decides to do it.  My girl would sure be excited to see her face somewhere else other than my website ;)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Giveaway going on .. now!

Check out this blog

Hannah of Simple Pleasures is so kind to host this giveaway.  She’s a newlywed customer of mine who fell in love with her Monogrammed Stamp!  Read the rules & post a comment to be entered to win!!

Good luck :)


Monday, August 17, 2009

Passed on by a friend

I felt compelled to post this today.  A friend of mine sent this link to me.  If ANYONE reading this has Type O blood, please consider donating… QUICKLY!  This little girl is fighting for her life in Miami.  I am praying that this outpouring from her family will help this little girl.  She’s from Breaux Bridge, LA which is not far from here…


Sunday, August 16, 2009

just a few more days… revised

All the kids will be in school in just a few more days… THEN I will be ALONE & have more time for production!!

Thanks for your patience!  For being so patient, please use the coupon SCHOOL09 to receive 20% off your order!

*coupon is good through aug 31st!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Trying to catch up

Late nights around here!  Trying to get caught up seems impossible but it’s getting better.  All of the special orders from the show are in production and will ship as soon as they arrive.  As always, I have batched several orders to ship together.

I have added a lot to the site in the past few days.  Old files that have been waiting to be uploaded…

Check out “What’s New”


Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear, dear

I am so behind!  I want to let you know please allow some extra time right now with back to school just around the corner (STILL NEED SCHOOL SHOES & UNIES!!!).  I am taking the kids for a day at the water park tomorrow & then bday parties this weekend…

So, please, please, please bear with me as I attempt to {squeeze} in some last minute {squeezes} with my kiddies ;)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Post show post

Back from show – very busy filling custom orders from that so please bear with me!

Just a few new sites on the site (uploaded from months ago!).

New Trays listed

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Don’t forget those football games! I can coordinate any school colors for a great look!  This one happens to be Ole Miss but I can do any color combination for sure.

Click to see full size image

I’ve also added the Cutting Boards to the site.  They come in 2 different sizes - check the dropdown list for details!

Here’s the large: $40 each

Click to see full size image

and the small: $34 each

Click to see full size image

There are also some super cute pillowcase designs being added!  Check them out here

Back to school orders have been coming in as well!  Get your lunchboxes!! 


Thursday, July 30, 2009

no time.. busy, busy… but

took a brief vacation over the weekend to see these guys


it was a great show despite the little guy making it extra hard to really pay attention to Anoop & the gang :)  They were all awesome!  We all had a great time…


Wanted to send you on over to see some new icons… I have so many choices, I cannot even tell you… I have to refrain from uploading all of what I’ve got for fear the site might blow up!  And there’s more in the works!  I have my graphics girl hard at work all the time to keep it fresh.  Honestly, I get bored w/the same things over & over so I gotta keep her on her toes!!

here’s a peek

There are some new patterns as well… the number of patterns is equally as ridiculous!  Do you think I have too many choices here?  feedback appreciated…

20% off coupon up for grabs – comment on whether you think I have too many choices for design options & I will pick a random winner on Friday!

C’mon, all 10 of you that read this blog!  Comment so one of you can get a little deal!!


bedtime… exhausted!