Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My new "Show Motto"

If You're Stalking,

Keep Walking!

I really think I am going to put a sign up in my booth from now on that says this.  More like it, I am going to start putting nasty notes on the bottoms of all of my products so when you go to flip them over you can be sure to find a cute, @$!&(Q# You! on the bottom (in a cute, pink & green font, of course). 

I mean really, people.  I have worked my butt off with this business.. it's not rocket science, by any means & I know that... but have common courtesy, couth, whatever you want to call it.  DON'T GRAB YOUR CHECKBOOK as the first item you find to write down skew numbers (you know who you are BAYOU GI**S GIRL) & product names... WTH?  You claim to have "top notch products" & "quality that cannot be matched"... well, FIND YOUR OWN PRODUCTS on your own & stop being RUDE!  So glad I told you something so you & others don't think I was "born yesterday."

SO there you have it... my show experience in a nutshell... this is EVERY show, EVERY day, EVERY few minutes.  Guess it's the best flattery in the world, right?  Wrong.  I take my business personal b/c that's what it is to me.. it's a personal choice to be able to take care of MY special needs kids... all of them are, right?  UGH!