Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Break & Back to school

Good afternoon friends Smile  We will be closed from July 22nd through August 5th for summer break.  I realize this cuts it close for back to school orders so please make sure you get those orders in within the next two weeks!  Backpacks are HOT as are the notebooks, lunch bags & binders!  Hope to see more orders flowing in for those in the coming weeks ahead. 

I will leave the website open but PLEASE BE AWARE that no order will be processed from Friday the 22nd of July through Friday the 5th of August.

Thanks again for your business & support… looking forward to a little Lagniappe break in a couple weeks! 


Sunday, July 3, 2011

In the summer time…

yes, we are smack-dab in the middle of summer & I can’t help feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment.  what else is new?  well, for starters, I have decided that I just can’t be too busy so I have added a couple more job descriptions to my name – more on that in another post… but just so you know, I have been SWAMPED with busy-ness around here.  lagniappe related & not…

with the kids home brings a plethora of situations brewing all at once.  since the let out of school in late-may, we have thrusted ourselves into one of the busiest summers to date.  softball, baseball, tball, cabbage ball, more tball, tumbling, dancing, play dates, seminars, work-stuff… to say the least, I have not stopped… not for a few minutes!  every night we’ve had one thing or another to attend, which requires me to run & run & run all over town – to the demise of my poor car… started overheating!  it’s telling me, “STOP!!!!”  but wait, I need that car – to get to DISNEY!  we are driving this summer (which we have never done) so this should be interesting.  the kids have no earthly idea what we’re up to – they beg us to go – so this should be quite the surprise!

things are moving & shaking around here… and about to be moving & shaking with my business.  I am making some MAJOR changes (for the better, hopefully) in an attempt to counteract the volume of business that continues to come my way.  orders will begin to be produced much quicker & more efficiently with these changes so please understand I may be a little harder to tie down while I transition.  the addition of many new items since the beginning of 2011 has been a fun experience!  I love seeing what you like & what you’re getting tired of … this has helped tremendously in making some key decisions Winking smile

you may or may not see some of your “options” changing in ways you may or may not like.  those who have shopped w me before know I am a pleaser so things will still be very custom – just maybe in a few different ways.  I am still ironing out the details…

just wanted to touch base since we are about half way through our summer. I look forward to a very busy holiday season approaching & please make note of the upcoming show schedule that should be coming out soon!

hope you all are enjoying your summer vacations & please remember to SHOP EARLY for Christmas!!