Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are you new?



I have been getting some requests for a discount for new customers.  Now through August 31st,  I am offering 10% off any new purchase.  Even if you're a repeat customer, enjoy 10% off using NEWAUG08 at checkout to receive your discount.  Only one use per customer, please!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

okay, so i'm not so good :)

email me if you want me to send you the image for print!!  laurie (at) laurieslagniappe (dot) com



free hannah montana glasses ... MAKE YOUR OWN in 5 minutes!!

you will love me for this... of course, i was the ONLY mom in the city not to have gotten to "your local walmart" in time to get my free pair... so, here's an image you can print out onto cardstock to make your own.. in a jiffy!!  enjoy the show tonite!!!  click on the image to make it full size & print it out from there....




Thursday, July 17, 2008

monogram and naming etiquette 101

Did you know the "contemporary vs traditional" ways of listing your names as an engaged couple, married couple or just a single person vary ever so slightly?  I will attempt to go over the "rules" here since I receive the wrong ways submitted in orders nearly every day!


Rules for Singles
(one person) named Megan Elizabeth Sellers

  • Traditional monogram letters appear in this order, "First, Last, Middle" with the last name initial being larger in the center.


Rules for Engaged Couples
(two people) named Laurie and Jeff Burg

While I've always believed that a monogram used before the wedding occurs should never contain the post-wedding initials, there are some exceptions when it comes to using a monogram for the engaged.

  • A monogram being designed for an engaged couple should contain the bride's first name initial first, the groom's last name larger in the center and then the groom's first name last.



  • After the wedding the groom's name must come first if following the traditional monogram etiquette.



Rules for Married Couples
(two people) named Laurie and Jeff Burg

When personalizing paper or other products using a married couple's name written out, there are two rules of thumb to be sure you are correct in the rules of etiquette.

  • First and foremost, a man should never be separated from his last name.  He had this name first, thus he shall never be separated from it.
  • Another rule when writing out a couple's married name is the bride is "given away" thus the reasoning for her name being first.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Burg
Laurie and Jeffrey Burg

Jeffrey and Laurie Burg
Mr. and Mrs. Laurie and Jeffrey Burg


Laurie and Jeff Burg


Laurie and Jeff Burg


Rules for Family Name order:
Jeff, Laurie, Matthew, Emma Kate and Evan Burg

When listing your family's names as part of a salutation or as part of personalizing a product, the father's name should always come first, followed by the mother's and then in birth order, each child's name.

I hope this info is helpful!  If I can think of other hints & tips when it comes to monogramming & personalization, I will certainly keep 'ya in the loop!

One more quick note, linens are a woman's business... the bar is the man's!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Latest product launches

As promised, I would be unveiling a 'cupla new products to the site this month.  Well, here they are... Both are part of the

MEware product label.

Retro Lunch boxes (more designs & sizes to come)



ME tees...





So, I have been working hard on these new product launches & now they're here but they remain a work in progress!  I still have SOOO much in the works for future product launches so please stay tuned & check back for future posts.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Double Up Party Blast!


It's time for a "Double Up Party Blast!"  Online parties are the best way to earn free stuff at Laurie's Lagniappe.  With new categories opening up for the fall, it's time to book your parties & be on your way to earning, earning, earning!! 

So, let's start w/some dates, shall we? 

Parties run from a Sunday to a Sunday.. no exceptions!  Gotta keep things straight around here :)

  • Sunday, July 20th
  • Sunday, July 27th
  • Sunday, August 3rd
  • Sunday, August 10th
  • Sunday, August 17th
  • Sunday, August 24th

That should do for now... I am booking 2 slots per date range.  PARTIES BOOKED DURING THIS TIME FRAME WILL RECEIVE 20% IN PARTY EARNINGS!  That's DOUBLE the normal earning potential!!! 

Here's what constitutes a "party":

  • One order of $100

  • Or three individual orders (including your own)

As dates fill up, I will post an update... bookings will be on a first come first served basis... GOOD LUCK!!


Friday, July 4, 2008

17 fresh & adorable plate designs!

This is what happens when I can't sleep!  Darn diet coke... guess I drank one too late w/my pizza pie tonight... :)

Here's a glimpse of the newbies... hope you like 'em! 

08PLATEdaisiesWEB 08PLATEfdlnameWEB 08PLATEgiraffeWEB 08PLATEjessicaWEB 08PLATElilyWEB



STILL more new, cute stuff to come... stay tuned next week for a couple of new product launches & goodies!!