Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14th? Really?

Time is passing far too quickly!!  Lots has been going on.  For starters, I got this

I got a new printer since my first one died over the holidays so I apologize for not posting in quite some time.  I had a great holiday season so for that I am very grateful!  I am working on some new graphics to arrive soon so please be patient… and as always I am working on ways to make the site easier to navigate & more user friendly. 

I also got this

and this is still up in my house (and it doesn’t look like this tree!!)

and I am going through this for a party tonight… (so cute!!)


If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations on what they’d like to see done to the functionality of the site, now’s the time to send in your  input!!  It’s always nice to get feedback from the people who are actually using the site.  :)

Here’s just a couple new previews on some seasonal stuff…

Mardi Gras Girl


Mardi Gras Boy


More new stuff soon… promise!  Valentine’s stuff is up but there’s nothing new there.  Sorry :(  I will be working on some new designs this weekend… stay tuned!