Monday, March 30, 2009

Return address.. making a FAB first impression!

Moving on now.. let’s talk return addresses.   My round self inking stamper has come in very, very handy with sending out invites, announcements, etc.  But some people would rather a traditional return address printed on their envelopes.  I have been surprising some customers with this service in the past & I have to say, it’s been a hit!  Here’s what’s available when it comes to return address printing.

retadd svcs

Of course, if you choose to ‘pump up’ the return address using the “Sneak Peek” return address option, it will coordinate with the invite design.  See what I mean?  FAB first impression… worth the extra quarter :)




Now, how yummy does that look?  Just like peas ‘n carrots :)  Yummy prettiness :)



So what a wonderful thing to stay up till 2am for… & a wonderful way to start my morning.  It totally shocks me when other “sites” post things about being a Christian & thanking God for getting her where she is today & then this… It happened again~!  Someone who is in business doing the (same) thing that I have been doing since 2003 (but she they started last year) is sending her their “friends” to get proofs, buy products, etc.  Can you please play fair here?

Ugh…  I just don’t understand!


Golf anyone?

Okay, so someone requested a golf plate design for her oldest son who is “too cool” for some of the younger designs out there for kids :)  I can’t blame him!!  This is what I came up with…

What do you think?


and I couldn’t leave the girls out…


Recognize the names (hehe) :)


Not done yet!

A few last minute Easter icons … Easter’s just a couple weeks away so I won’t be able to do a whole lot before then but I wanted to give you these options for a couple more days.  I won’t be able to guarantee plate/bowl/platter delivery before Easter after this Friday, April 3rd.  So HURRY & get your orders in :)  I am still taking orders for stickers… & don’t forget we now have circle stickers!!



Custom work..

Seems when it rains it pours for custom work.  I feel like sometimes I don’t have any custom work on the table & then wham… I am bombarded!  Here are a few new pretties that I’ve done over the weekend & backing up into last week…