Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is it summer yet?

Sure is… starting Friday, kids will be running around here while I desperately try to get orders done, pick up after them, do laundry, attempt to put food on the table and get my business out of this house!  I secretly wish we had a couple more weeks for me to get things straight around here!

Since April 1st, I have processed, designed, produced, packed & shipped over 5,000 items for Mother’s Day, Graduation Gifts, Teacher Gifts, end of the year kids gifts and even a few “missed Christmas gifts” if you can believe that!  Over 300 orders in less than 2 months … worn out!!  But grateful :)

A new little addition that was introduced at the latest show – went over pretty well.  Very cute size & presentation.  Hope you like the new Baby Sippy – available in blue or pink.  Same process – pick your pattern, font & you’ve got a custom product for a dirt cheap price :)

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