Thursday, April 2, 2009

Placemat pics..

some Cutesie Newbies :)










Cup Inserts … all sizes … same price

I have had to change the prices on the cup inserts (only).  Here’s the pricing structure going forward:

  • Patterned Cup Insert Only (ordered without a cup) $5.00 each
  • Patterned Cup Insert + Icon Only (ordered without a cup) $6.00 each
  • Add on insert (ordered WITH a cup) $3.00 each

Please note that the same size cup MUST be ordered in order to receive the $3 each price. 

There are way too many insert only 0rders coming through w/out the purchase of the actual cup which is what the $2.50 each price was intended for – as an “add-on” when you ordered the cup including one insert.  I have been going back & forth with this & since the inception of the “original” laminated cup insert back in July 2006, I intended on this being an “add-on” price but have kept it the same… until now :(  I hate to go up but I just have to.

So, on the plus side, it’s easier to remember the prices now :)