Tuesday, June 10, 2008

fast & furious :)

wanted to give a quick update to let you know i am working fast & furious to get your orders shipped out. don't forget to see the "what i am up to this week" column on the right bar of the blog. this will give you a quick view of what my workload is for the week. now, this does not include emails that i have to attend to or phone calls that come in so don't worry..i am keeping plenty busy w/everything coming at me!

i want to reiterate how helpful & important this order status column is when it comes to the busy season quickly approaching! i swore to myself that i'd have all my christmas shopping done by july since i didn't get to actually shop for anyone on my list until mid-december last year (yuck!!) & guess what... i haven't even thought of what i am going to get for anyone yet! may really screwed me up being over-scheduled & wiped out!!

seeing the sliver-liner... will be busy, busy this summer but getting through the weeds... thankfully!! now, my garden on the other hand.... GEESH!! help!!!