Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine’s 2010

As promised, new Valentine’s designs are now up on the site.

My personal fave


and some other cuties


skull can be for a boy or a girl… i can add a pink or red background upon request


and last but certainly not least, a project called MiniMe which debuted back in August 2008. These little guys were at first faceless… well they now have faces!! But they are all designed by you :) I am testing the functionality of this project with the Valentine’s line but am planning on expanding these faces to be added to anything in the store. This is an ongoing process so watch for updates in the weeks to come. Hope you enjoy!!


As always, these designs listed above can be interchanged to ANY product in the store. So if you want a plate with the Skull design, no problem…stationery with the cupcake design, no problem! You get the idea… now get to shoppin’ before it’s too late!

Posh Plates, Bowls, Platters & Trays, Note Cubes, Pillowcases, Stamps, Mousepads and Cutting Boards – Thursday, February 4th

All other items – Monday, February 8th