Monday, April 14, 2008

Closed Tuesday...

Quick note.. I will be closed on Tuesday due to a field trip w/Matthew. It's been so long since I've been on a field trip with him. I think he was 3.. my gosh has time flown!

Here's what we'll be seeing!

On another note...
Preppy Party Central is in full-swing as well! Emma Kate's Totally Preppy Sharpay-Wanna-be-Streetcar-Party is Sunday & we are gearing up BIG TIME. Her little heart (which is oh so special, by the way.. this May 17th will be 6 years since the diagnosis) "glows when I am excited, Mommy!"
We made cupcake stakes today which will be on each pink & green cupcake. The green will be chocolate & the pink vanilla (per Miss Preppy).

We also made the Preppy Luggage Tags that will be given out as party favors....Emma Kate approved... "I LOVE them, Mommy! I can't waaaaiiiiit!!"

And since I have been stumped over what activities to do at this streetcar party, I decided to hit my trusty Dollar Tree for inspiration. Boy was I inspired :) They had TONS of bold colors & preppy looks that I couldn't pass up. I decided while standing in the accessories aisle that I would pick up a bunch of prizes to keep them busy. I will print out a Streetcar Admit Ticket, punch a hole in it, run some yarn through it (so they can wear it around their necks) & voila... we've got a raffle ticket! All the tickets will be numbered & depending on what goes on during the ride (each time it stops or every 10-15 minutes, whatever..) I will have Emma Kate draw numbers for who gets to pick a prize from the "Preppy Prize Purse." I also bought small bottles of wedding bubbles to keep them busy.
They had an array of goodies at the Dollar Tree that I think will make for smiling, happy, little, preppy people! Tomorrow I will return to purchase these adorable pink cotton baseball caps for the girls

& kelly green bucket hats for the boys...

all to be worn on their way up & down the route..
I will be sure to post pics from each event for your viewing pleasure :)
So long from the very busy, very hectic work/play week! OH & did I mention we started baseball this week & softball starts in 2 weeks (along w/dancing twice a week)... Dance Revue, dress researsals, Kindergarten Field Day, Prom, sister's Graduation, Kindergarten Graduation, Gatlinburg, Helen Brett, Mom's Bday, Jeff's Bday, Brother's Bday... WHEW! All of this before June 1st...
bear with me!!!