Thursday, July 30, 2009

no time.. busy, busy… but

took a brief vacation over the weekend to see these guys


it was a great show despite the little guy making it extra hard to really pay attention to Anoop & the gang :)  They were all awesome!  We all had a great time…


Wanted to send you on over to see some new icons… I have so many choices, I cannot even tell you… I have to refrain from uploading all of what I’ve got for fear the site might blow up!  And there’s more in the works!  I have my graphics girl hard at work all the time to keep it fresh.  Honestly, I get bored w/the same things over & over so I gotta keep her on her toes!!

here’s a peek

There are some new patterns as well… the number of patterns is equally as ridiculous!  Do you think I have too many choices here?  feedback appreciated…

20% off coupon up for grabs – comment on whether you think I have too many choices for design options & I will pick a random winner on Friday!

C’mon, all 10 of you that read this blog!  Comment so one of you can get a little deal!!


bedtime… exhausted!