Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Placemats (a.k.a. MEmats)


Without further delay, I wanted to FINALLY add the “MEmat” – It’s the latest addition to the MEware brand of products.  I thought I would dust off the wide format printer that I bought specifically for these OVER a year ago & try these out.  caleb

These are long overdue.. I wanted to make sure I had the process perfected & I think you’ll be quite pleased with the outcome.  Although these pics don’t do them justice, they are bright, sturdy & adorable!  They come with one side imprinted but can be reversible for just 2 bucks more!  All you have to do is click “Add the 2nd side” & you’ll get an adorable reversible MEmat delivered to your doorstep. 


In my house, these have been used for everything from a paint splat mat, Play Doh mat, coloring mat, placemat at dinner time, a “let’s paint our nails” mat…. & even a dry erase “math facts” mat on the blank side!  So, you see.. these have many functions… my favorite, a colorful patchwork  of MEmats used in place of a tablecloth for my table!


I hope you enjoy these new patterns & this latest addition.  As an introductory offer, these will be just $13 bucks… add a 2nd side (same exact design) for $2 bucks more to make $15.  After February, these will go up to $15/$17 (2 sided).  So, stock up – get those bday presents out of the way.. these make a GREAT school bday party presents!







new patterns, new patterns!

Okay, this took all day, seriously, to format & upload these new patterns but it was worth the extra effort!  Some cuties here..  :) 


Click to check them out!!


PS- ‘cupla new product announcements coming REAL soon.. keep checking back to see what i’ve wanted to add now for the past YEAR but just haven’t had time!!