Monday, June 29, 2009

Custom Design Requests

I have always gotten custom order requests – from wanting to see a different sticker design, to wanting a custom pillowcase – this has been a constant around here.  I have put up a form on the site for these requests since they are very hard to keep track of when sent via email or via phone.  So, one way or another I am determined to stay on top of things & keep organized!

Hope ya’ll can find this easy to use & apply it to any product that’s on the site or if there’s a product that you’d like to see added – something you’ve seen that you know comes from us but isn’t on the site yet (cutting boards, aluminum sports bottles, beach towels…get it?).  There’s no payment requested for this service but fees may apply depending on the detail. 

Please use this form BEFORE placing an order so I can upload the design of your choice to the site for purchase.  Again, there may be fees applied to the final order total – just ask before checking out the final product.



Contents of my disastrous purse.. the month of JUNE

is almost OVER!  Thank goodness as it was purely hectic & insane … perhaps the most insane month of my whole entire motherhood existence of almost 9 years.

As I reflect over the past 6 months, I realize:

  • sales are DOWN 18% (waah) compared to 2008 BUT they are UP 150% compared to 2007 (gotta find that silver lining!)
  • I have done more for my kids in the past month than my business
  • I still haven’t found the balance I’ve been looking for in managing this business & family life
  • Competition has increased about 200% since I began doing this

As I reflect over this emptied out purse that has been carried w/me this past month, I see:

  • a packet of otter pops
  • 2 energizer rechargeable (dead) batteries
  • about a dozen sunflower seeds
  • popcorn pieces
  • a yellow skittle
  • a nail file
  • a blue bicstic
  • nasty unwrapped green trident (YUCK!)
  • a Picadilly gift card
  • packing slip
  • a hefty cheerleading uniform bill
  • large paperclip
  • Emma barrette
  • wrappers of ALL kinds
  • lipliner
  • mac lipstick
  • receipts, receipts, receipts
  • an invitation
  • a wadded up diaper
  • sequins
  • sashes from dance recital
  • 3 dirty socks
  • airhead
  • 2 checkbooks
  • 3 pens
  • a purse calendar
  • blackberry
  • 1/2 roll of quarters still in tact
  • coupons
  • dollartree ad
  • Coldplay ticket stub (AWESOME CONCERT!!)

Okay.. that’s enough!  Can you tell I have been running around like a chicken w/my head cut off?  Baseball & Softball are officially over but there are still other activities… 

Long story short…


Hope everyone else is enjoying the peace & relaxation of summer!  As I deal with this heat wave we’ve had


our kids are now enjoying a nice little addition to our backyard


Did I mention, I LOVE THIS THING!?  The kids are having such a blast in it & it’s been such easy maintenance!  All the kids in this pic look like giants but it really is the perfect size for my kiddies :)

Happy Summer!!