Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why, yes maam, I certainly would!

Check it…  Emma Kate’s birthday was this past April & I contacted Bakerella to find out if she knew if white chocolate actually had coco in it since EKB can’t have caffeine due to her heart condition…

I snapped a quick pic of her on the way to school & sent it in to Bakerella to show her how happy her creativity made my girl.  Well, she thanked me for sending the pic & then tonight… I got this sweet note.

Hi Laurie
I'm thinking about showcasing some cake pops from readers on my site.
Would you like to have this photo included?
If so, can you give me your location (state) and a little background
info on the photo?
Let me know what you think.

How sweet :)  I hope she decides to do it.  My girl would sure be excited to see her face somewhere else other than my website ;)