Monday, April 28, 2008

waaay behind.... because of THESE!

Please bear with me as I try to catch up... In the last week, I have shipped out 191 of the new clipboards & over 100 pens to school accounts for teacher appreciation.

Thanks to my mom, dad, husband, daughter & sister who have been instrumental in helping out with these orders :) I couldn't/can't do it w/out ya'll!!

Above's a peek at some of the cute patterns these folks chose to express thanks to their staff. I will be uploading better pics of them on the site for purchase :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Upcoming closures

Due to family obligations, we are announcing store closures for the months of May & June as follows:

We will be closed the following dates:
Friday, May 2nd
Thursday, May 8th
Friday, May 9th
Monday, May 12th
Friday, May 16th - Wednesday, May 21st
Thursday, May 29 - Friday, June 6th
You may still place orders during these closure times but please be aware that the orders will not be shipped until after the closure dates.
Thank you!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

***WINNER*** Giveaway, shall we?

Audra's Little Scraps!

For those who participated, please enjoy a $5 coupon to anything on the site!
enter "BGCAPRIL" at checkout. Coupon expires 5-4-08.

Thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for more fun giveaways!

I haven't done this carnival thing before but the Bloggy Givewaways Carnival is ON! From now til April 27th, bloggers & non-bloggers alike have tons of chances to win free stuff - all compliments of participating retailers & non-retailers who just want to drive more traffic to their sites.. Neat, huh? Check it out!

Here's how it works. I am giving away a free Posh Plate of your choice. It can be designed any way you like.. Choose from patterns, icons & fonts to create your own look! Shipping is free & all :) (international shipping rates are additional)

What to do:
Leave a comment on this blog & a winner will be picked at random on Sunday, April 27th. Please be sure to leave your contact info (email please) so I can get in touch.

Have fun & go see how many people are giving stuff away!

Clipboards get a facelift!

After careful consideration, the monogrammed clipboards are back & even better than before.

Now with your choice of 2" three dimensional letter color at the top, pattern border & font or name at the bottom of the paper, these are a much better solution.

New description: Acrylic clipboard personalized with a three-dimensional, handpainted resin letter at the top of the clip. Coordinating polka-dotted bow at the top with 15 sheets of personalized paper containing the patterned border and font of choice. Name or monogram can be printed on paper.

hope you like!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Site's back...

UPDATE - the site seems to be back on track .... sorry for the inconvenience!
I have no clue what is going on w/the site but it appears to be down again. Please email me at if you need anything.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Closed Tuesday...

Quick note.. I will be closed on Tuesday due to a field trip w/Matthew. It's been so long since I've been on a field trip with him. I think he was 3.. my gosh has time flown!

Here's what we'll be seeing!

On another note...
Preppy Party Central is in full-swing as well! Emma Kate's Totally Preppy Sharpay-Wanna-be-Streetcar-Party is Sunday & we are gearing up BIG TIME. Her little heart (which is oh so special, by the way.. this May 17th will be 6 years since the diagnosis) "glows when I am excited, Mommy!"
We made cupcake stakes today which will be on each pink & green cupcake. The green will be chocolate & the pink vanilla (per Miss Preppy).

We also made the Preppy Luggage Tags that will be given out as party favors....Emma Kate approved... "I LOVE them, Mommy! I can't waaaaiiiiit!!"

And since I have been stumped over what activities to do at this streetcar party, I decided to hit my trusty Dollar Tree for inspiration. Boy was I inspired :) They had TONS of bold colors & preppy looks that I couldn't pass up. I decided while standing in the accessories aisle that I would pick up a bunch of prizes to keep them busy. I will print out a Streetcar Admit Ticket, punch a hole in it, run some yarn through it (so they can wear it around their necks) & voila... we've got a raffle ticket! All the tickets will be numbered & depending on what goes on during the ride (each time it stops or every 10-15 minutes, whatever..) I will have Emma Kate draw numbers for who gets to pick a prize from the "Preppy Prize Purse." I also bought small bottles of wedding bubbles to keep them busy.
They had an array of goodies at the Dollar Tree that I think will make for smiling, happy, little, preppy people! Tomorrow I will return to purchase these adorable pink cotton baseball caps for the girls

& kelly green bucket hats for the boys...

all to be worn on their way up & down the route..
I will be sure to post pics from each event for your viewing pleasure :)
So long from the very busy, very hectic work/play week! OH & did I mention we started baseball this week & softball starts in 2 weeks (along w/dancing twice a week)... Dance Revue, dress researsals, Kindergarten Field Day, Prom, sister's Graduation, Kindergarten Graduation, Gatlinburg, Helen Brett, Mom's Bday, Jeff's Bday, Brother's Bday... WHEW! All of this before June 1st...
bear with me!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What I'm working on today...

I have decided to put an update screen on my blog to let all of my customers know which orders (by order number) that I am working on - basically my weekly schedule. This will help you keep track of how I'm coming along on your order. When your order ships, it will appear in your account under the "Track Your Orders" link on the site. Feel free to contact me if we need to "bump" you up a little on the schedule!

Hope this helps... I will update every morning :) It will be located --------------> to the right of the posts.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

busy bee already.. it's tuesday!

I cannot tell you how busy I have been these past couple of days! Thanks for keeping me going, guys :) Let me share a few new photo cards:

How great is this mom? Taking a few of her daughter's friends to see HSM on Ice for her Bday! Go, mom!!

Here's another...(my fave :) for my Sharpay wanna-be :)

and a new product to hit the store... now why couldn't this been around when Santa brought Emma Kate hers just a few years ago? We had to settle for a DISNEY PRINCESS kitchen.... yuck!

oh & one more new, exciting item :) stamper note cards!! these are designed to fit your stamper :) pick your color... any color! (note the cute, new birdie stamp design as well)

enjoy the new goodies :) been busy, ya'll...


Monday, April 7, 2008

Great new ink colors for Monogrammed Stamps!

Due to demand, we have now added new ink refill colors to the Monogrammed Stamps collection! Available in the round & rectangle format for $7.50 each! Check them out :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

my little apprentice ....

So today while I was trying to get some work done, my little man came in the office (as he does NUMEROUS times during the day) to join me. His favorite spot is directly behind my desk chair, squeezing up against the wall & slowly moving his way over to the very old, very wonderful dot-matrix order printer! He pushes the buttons b/c they all beep when they are pushed & loves to just 'mess' around with my 'mess' of an office space.

I could have died when I looked to my left to see him carefully placing note cards into the laser printer & much to my surprise, he was counting the pages :) I reached for my camera to take a quick video & DARN.. I missed it.... he was done! But I did manage to catch some cute footage (very little) later in the day.. had the camera staged & ready to go this time. sweet little man.. he just loves his ma-mam.... enjoy :)

first attempt:

second attempt:

Chalkboard Placemats

A newbie to the site! I am excited to offer oilcloth, chalkboard placemats. Handmade of SUPER cute oilcloth fabric, these are sure to be a hit on my dinner table :)