Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Officially closed till March 3rd~

Well, the printers are all packed up & ready to go for the show this weekend.  If you plan to attend, please come see us!  I’m always behind in the “cave” but do poke your head in & say “hi!”  We are booth 913 – towards the back of the Convention Center, Halls I & J. 

With that said, I am officially closed until the Mardi Gras season is over… March 3rd I will reopen & be ready to go!  If you are in need of something before then, please do email me & I will see if I can squeeze you in.  Since I have a home business, I am lucky enough to be able to take this kind of time off to be with family & friends to celebrate our city’s rich cultural activities, festivals & well, just all-around fun events!

c-ya in March!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Placemats (a.k.a. MEmats)


Without further delay, I wanted to FINALLY add the “MEmat” – It’s the latest addition to the MEware brand of products.  I thought I would dust off the wide format printer that I bought specifically for these OVER a year ago & try these out.  caleb

These are long overdue.. I wanted to make sure I had the process perfected & I think you’ll be quite pleased with the outcome.  Although these pics don’t do them justice, they are bright, sturdy & adorable!  They come with one side imprinted but can be reversible for just 2 bucks more!  All you have to do is click “Add the 2nd side” & you’ll get an adorable reversible MEmat delivered to your doorstep. 


In my house, these have been used for everything from a paint splat mat, Play Doh mat, coloring mat, placemat at dinner time, a “let’s paint our nails” mat…. & even a dry erase “math facts” mat on the blank side!  So, you see.. these have many functions… my favorite, a colorful patchwork  of MEmats used in place of a tablecloth for my table!


I hope you enjoy these new patterns & this latest addition.  As an introductory offer, these will be just $13 bucks… add a 2nd side (same exact design) for $2 bucks more to make $15.  After February, these will go up to $15/$17 (2 sided).  So, stock up – get those bday presents out of the way.. these make a GREAT school bday party presents!







new patterns, new patterns!

Okay, this took all day, seriously, to format & upload these new patterns but it was worth the extra effort!  Some cuties here..  :) 


Click to check them out!!


PS- ‘cupla new product announcements coming REAL soon.. keep checking back to see what i’ve wanted to add now for the past YEAR but just haven’t had time!! 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bag Tags… sneak peek!

Here are a few new bag tag designs that I just added in preparation for our big DISNEY trip coming up! 

Featured in these bag tags are a sneak preview of some new patterns & icons SOON TO BE ADDED to the pattern list.

Here’s my fave :)