Monday, October 5, 2009

New site feature – My Account, Save Cart, etc

So, there are a few new little clickies on the top of the webpage – still fooling around w/how they look so please pardon their “ugliness.”  I promise their function will make up for said aesthetically challenged state.  Just gonna give you the short & sweet to save you time & my ability to explain tech-y things.

My Account 
Here you will be able to:

  • view & edit your profile (name, address, etc.)
  • view order history & order details
  • save your cart (YEEESSSS!!) you have NO idea how many “timed out, what do i do, ‘oh @*()#@” emails I have gotten about this issue… whew!  thank goodness for this feature :)

Order Status
Here you will be able to:

  • check the status of your order & track it – NO order details, profile info, etc will be here – ONLY order status (whether it has shipped or not or when to expect the order to ship)

My Wishlist
Here you will be able to:

  • create a wish list of items that are in the store – this list will be saved in THIS section (not “My Account”) for future reference.  This is particularly used during an online party for the hostess.

Well, there you have it.  I hope these newly added features will help during the upcoming holiday season!  Also, so you know, order status updates are entered once daily from the time you place your order.  The data is entered as a default 10 BUSINESS day turnaround deadline.  Most of the time orders ship out before this date.