Tuesday, April 28, 2009

today… was a Monday

Not much to report here for this Monday – thank goodness it didn’t turn out like last Monday for sure!

Wanted to post a few clips from the past few days…

New “Meredith” folded note


I need to find a way to do previews for the pens & drinkware & stuff that I don’t have time to photograph… I did a few really cute pens & memo holders today but of course, I have nothing to show for them b/c I absolutely do not have time to take pics let alone edit them, since my picture taking skills are the pits. 

So, I guess you will just have to settle for nothing on those products for now – until I spend the $15 grand I was quoted over the weekend for a previewing website… ((geez!!)) I guess that’s what I get for having too many choices :) 

I did manage to preview some of the new pillowcases that have been quite popular since their intro…




and a new note cube…


& a CUTIE PIE!!PROOFjuliajane

and another precious cutie :)PROOFlivs2nd

and how about a cute folded note to match…


and mom wanted some stickers w/her name on them.  I started doing a 3x2 sticker that I haven’t added to the cart yet…


off to bed… :)