Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break coming to a close

As things wind down this week, the silence to come will be deafening for sure… but much needed!  When the two year old says to you, “Mom, I see Ms. Amy now” you know it’s time to be back in the swing of school days. 

We’ve been enjoying our wonderful Nanny’s Wii… so much that Dad now wants one.  Geez… I think I’ve convinced the kids to tap in to the “Disney jar” that we forgot to cash in for our most recent trip to buy the said Wii – what’cha think?  I think it’s fair game since the Bippity Boppity Boutique came out of my pocket this year.  As did all the junk purchases & game room (thanks to Gramma).

While the kids (older 2) enjoyed the Zephyr’s Baseball game, I stayed home to work… yeah! 

I did get a much needed email, though… thanks Jill ;)

Here’s a few new happies for your Friday night.  Have a great weekend!

Liv’s Tiger Pillow


Liv’s Pretty Pillow :)


I loved Liv’s pretty pillow so much, I had to give the plate design a whirl


and I couldn’t leave out Liv’s imaginary baby brother, Luke ;)


and a plate for his milk & cookies… enjoy, baby Luke


and some new Dino Bros stickers