Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rounding it up for 2010!

As anticipated, Cyber Monday & early Tuesday blew me away!  I am officially busting at the seams with orders & am not able to take anything else guaranteed for Christmas delivery.  I know this is a couple days earlier than I had originally planned but that’s the way it goes sometimes!!

So, you have till I got to bed tomorrow morning (which will likely be around 7 or 8am) to get those last minute orders in!  After that, it’s all done!  I’ve been so blessed with so much business & I am truly grateful!  If things get caught up, I may take additional orders but that will have to be determined later & I will definitely keep you posted!   I will still be updating facebook with pictures & status so please do tune in over there :)

Thanks again for a STELLAR holiday season!!!

Hope you all enjoy the holidays!!!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday!!!


Cyber Monday deals..Valid Monday, November 29 ONLY, prices on many items are half off! Shop the following deals NO COUPON CODES in addition to these prices, please! Large Cutting Boards $20; P'cases $13.75; Mousepads $7.50; Water Bottles $12; Drawstring Bags (**Best seller at shows!!) $11.25; Shower Curtains $37.50


This day just might push me over the edge with orders :)  Wait a minute…I’m already over the edge with orders!!   This November is turning out to be one of my best Novembers yet!  I am so grateful & BLESSED! 

TTFN!  Have FUNNN shopping the awesome bargains!!  Click the image above to shop the SALE!!!  You never know what is going to pop up throughout the day!  Keep checking facebook to see if anything else is added throughout the day :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

iTouch Capsule Case 4th Generation.. shop now!

Just an update!  iTouch 4th generation cases options have been added to the site.  Shop now!  Other iPhone 4 options are there as well…

Take advantage of the sale price now before the end of the Holiday Season!  Sale ends 12/31/10!