Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stick ‘em up ;)

These are the cutest… & they are stickies!!

They have 700 sheets of paper & are printed on all 4 sides.  Pick your pattern, font & icon (optional) & you’ve got a great gift for those grads or moms on your list.





There are so many new things being introduced … having fun designing away!  Keep up by checking back … there’s also a Facebook roundup going on right now.  Jern up & get informed of some sweet deals! 





Poll time...

I've never posted a "poll" but I just wanted to play around to see what you thought of the new look ;) Go ahead... click over theerrreee to the right!

Also, I need everyone to "Fan Up" on Facebook! Click on the link to become a fan - when I reach certain milestones on there, I will do a giveaway!! Let's get to 100 first & see how it goes :)

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new fonts, icons

I have been working on a more organized collaboration of my icons & fonts. Of course, there are way more options than what I actually post on the website but this is a good sampling. The icons are an ongoing project so keep checking back to see what's new in that section. So far I have uploaded the critters & cuties to the icons link but there's much more where that came from.

Also, I have added a bunch of new fonts that I have been using lately (I have over 1500 fonts on my machine!) but you will probably see more fonts being used in different products on the site.

Click the links here to check them all out! I hope you enjoy ;)

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