Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 off to a great start!

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to touch base to let you know I have been swamped w/orders this first three weeks of 2009!  Thank you so much for your business this year so far :)

I’ve been too busy to keep up w/processing in as timely a manner as I normally do so please bear with me as I attempt to play catch up.  A sick kid thrown in here & there & my week last week was blown away..

I’ve also added a Facebook page :)  Become a fan when you get a chance.. it’s pretty new to me but I love it & have quickly made contact with a ton of old friends.  Hope to see you there!!

Lots of new ideas & changes to come this year.  Starting with an easier navigation plan for the website… I am working on making the site easier than ever to create your custom product.  Stay tuned for easier ordering.  Making everything customizable is a challenge – especially when there are so many product options thrown in to the mix.

Off to work…