Tuesday, April 8, 2008

busy bee already.. it's tuesday!

I cannot tell you how busy I have been these past couple of days! Thanks for keeping me going, guys :) Let me share a few new photo cards:

How great is this mom? Taking a few of her daughter's friends to see HSM on Ice for her Bday! Go, mom!!

Here's another...(my fave :) for my Sharpay wanna-be :)

and a new product to hit the store... now why couldn't this been around when Santa brought Emma Kate hers just a few years ago? We had to settle for a DISNEY PRINCESS kitchen.... yuck!

oh & one more new, exciting item :) stamper note cards!! these are designed to fit your stamper :) pick your color... any color! (note the cute, new birdie stamp design as well)

enjoy the new goodies :) been busy, ya'll...