Monday, December 8, 2008

Closed for 2008!

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Thank you for a wonderful year!  I am officially calling it quits to enjoy the rest of my holiday season w/friends & family.  Getting the last of the orders out this week & gonna try to take it easy & get some shopping done before it’s too late!

Stay tuned for a wonderful 2009!

Merry Christmas, Ya’ll! :)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trying to catch up.

Thanks for not sending too many “where’s my order” emails this year :) Not that I don’t like getting those but it’s been nice to be able to get some solid work done with the help of my mom & sister.. thanks guys :)  We’re up to our ears in orders (thank you!!) and are currently working on those orders placed on December 2nd.  Those orders placed prior to that are either shipped or being packed & shipped in the next ‘cupla days.  Hey, what ever happened to the “deadline”?  Guess no one pays attention :)  That’s okay… as long as I can get ‘em out in a timely manner, I don’t mind the extra orders lying around…

Wanted to share a few recent photo cards that I’ve done.. just nice to see a few more happy little faces this time of year. 



PROOFvioscachristmas 08




Still have to get mine done… now if I can just get my kids to stay still I would be able to snap a cute shot & get ‘em out!  Haven’t even gotten close to designing it yet…


Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas cut off is here!

Just wanted to remind everyone that their orders are MUCH appreciated this season!!!  Thanks so much for making this year my best year yet!  2009 promises to bring more exciting new products.. just as I did in ‘08, I will work tirelessly to bring you the latest & greatest to our product line…

On another note…. I am SWAMPED & can hardly keep up!  Just so you know, the Christmas deadline has passed & I can no longer guarantee your order will arrive before Christmas if placed now.  Last day to order for 2008 will be December 8th!  These orders will not be shipped until 2009 though!

Please note that ALL STAMPS, PLATES, BOWLS & PLATTERS have been ordered for 2008.  I am happy to say that I am caught up on all those orders… YAY!!!

Please refer to this chart when wondering when your order will ship.  This refers to all MEware products that are produced in house (sippys, javamama, kid kups, etc… see website for more details)

If you ordered on *** your order will ship no later than ***

Nov 20/Dec 4
Nov 21/Dec 5
Nov 22/Dec 8
Nov 23/Dec 9
Nov 24/Dec 10
Nov 25/Dec 11
Nov 26/Dec 12
Nov 27/Dec 15
Nov 29/Dec 16
Nov 30/Dec 17