Wednesday, March 11, 2009

VERY excited :)

I know you are gonna just LOVE this new addition …

You love the Java Mama – now you are gonna love Aqua Mama!

This water bottle has so many wonderful features.  Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite companion:

  • BPA FREE :)
  • Holds 17 ounces of hot or cold bevies
  • Foldaway straw
  • Awesome loop on the lid (I’ve been swinging mine around for 2 days now – on my thumb, my forefinger, not a DROP leaked out)
  • Non-skid bottom (this is actually important)


Now, I am sure you can come up w/a ton of recipients for this bottle but I will name a few peeps who would LOVE to receive one:

  • Graduates
  • Dancing Girls :)
  • Soccer Stars
  • Teachers
  • Doctors or Nurses
  • Bus Driver
  • Mailman


A lot of places are carrying those aluminum/stainless/metal water bottles.  The reason I went with this version is b/c I cannot stand drinking out of something metal – coffee especially.  I feel like it makes the drink taste totally different & weird. 

So, there you have it.  My newest addition to this crazy, mad world of personalized, useful goodies!  It’s got to be useful to be added here to this store.  You won’t find anything here that is just a bunch of fluff… My goal is to provide you with a USEFUL, AFFORDABLE product that you can make your own :)

I almost forgot to show you “what’s new” from last week