Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Self Inking Stamp Policy

In order to keep the stamp ordering process timely & efficient, while helping to decrease production time, the following policies are effective immediately on all self-inking stamp & embosser orders. These policies will affect all stock stamp designs - not a fully-customized design. All artwork offered as a stock design is typset as-is & can be changed for a fee. Please see the following fee schedule:
  • Change of fonts are now $5 extra
  • Change of graphic is now $5 extra
  • Proofs are now optional & will cost $2.50 extra per proof, per revision
  • All stampers come with a stock black ink cartridge. All other colors are available at an additional $5 each.

Thanks for your continued support & I hope this will aid in reducing production time to get your stampers out to you even quicker!


Quick clarification!

I wanted to post a little note about a comment that Jen left regarding product depth. Thank you so much, Jen for posting this b/c I have wanted to post something about this for a while now but have not had the time :)

Since my store is packed with different categories (most of which I design, produce & ship myself) it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with adding new products in certain categories. Since the first of the year my business has nearly tripled from last year & I am doing my best to react to this increase. I have been forced at this point to produce on demand the products that are selling more than others. So, if you notice there are not as many items in certain areas, this is why!

But I do have good news... nearly everything in my store (design-wise) is interchangeable & can be transferred (within reason) from one product to another. My stamps do carry some restrictions but some can be worked around.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know this little tidbit of info since it has been brought up before but neglected to be addressed :)